Ketevan Trapaidze
Ketevan TrapaidzeMentor
Film expert, Doctor of Arts

A Window into Ourselves and the Universe

Movies offer a unique way to learn about ourselves and the universe around us. They are especially valuable for younger generations, who can explore a range of emotions and gain valuable insights through thoughtful discussions after watching a film.

My Introduction

My name is Ketevan Trapaidze. As a film expert and Doctor of Arts with 30 years of experience teaching theatre and film at the State University, I’m thrilled to join the Paideia team. Here, I have the privilege of sharing the true power of cinema with teenagers and adults interested in film.

Exploring Deeper Through Cinema

Together, we will embark on a cinematic journey, delving into films and occasionally reading related materials. Our discussions will focus on what we often lack: a comprehensive and honest understanding of emotions like loneliness, love, injustice, and many others. Through these discussions, we will gain a deeper, more personal connection with these themes.

Meaningful Conversations, Lasting Impact

Our meetings will be designed to foster deep, meaningful conversations that explore films that have profoundly impacted audiences across generations. These films have the power to change our relationship with the world, our surroundings, and our own emotions.

A Structured Approach

Our program will be divided into stages, with discussions following every two meetings. These discussions will allow us to reflect on learnings, consider shifts in our perspectives, and explore the emotional impact of the films we’ve shared.


5500Gel2.5 -3 hours
  • every Monday (12+) 18:00

4 classes

  • every Monday (12+) 18:00