Mariam Sardanashvili
Mariam SardanashviliMentor
The Artist at Sokhumi Theatre, Independent Fund – smile therapy art specialist

Spark a lifelong love of reading!

This engaging master class will introduce children (ages 6-10) to the magic of classical works. Through interactive storytelling and activities, they’ll embark on fairy tale adventures, meet unforgettable heroes, and develop essential skills like:

  • Imagination: We’ll use creative play and storytelling to unlock their inner storyteller.
  • Healthy Thinking: By exploring moral dilemmas in classic tales, children will learn to make positive choices.
  • Empathy: Through role-playing and emotional recognition exercises, children will develop compassion for others.

The Master Class Process:

  • Vivid Storytelling: We’ll bring fairy tales to life with engaging narration, character voices, and even acting out scenes!
  • Interactive Games: Children will participate in individual and group activities based on the stories, reinforcing key concepts.
  • Emotional Exploration: Using music and discussions, we’ll help children identify and understand different feelings.
  • Creative Expression: Inspired by the stories, children will express themselves through drawing, dancing, or storytelling.
  • Question & Answer: Throughout the class, we’ll encourage curiosity and answer children’s questions to deepen their understanding.

The Result:

This master class aims to nurture in children a belief in the power of dreams and their ability to make a difference. By engaging with classic tales, they’ll develop essential life skills, making them well-rounded and empathetic individuals ready to thrive in society.


5000Gel1.5 hours
  • Every Tuesday (7-10 age group) 17:00
  • Every Saturday (4-6 age group) 14:00

4 classes

  • Every Tuesday (7-10 age group) 17:00
  • Every Saturday (4-6 age group) 14:00